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Reading this article – – on the BBC about the success of Google’s Android, tempered by the relative ‘failure’ of the Android Market, rang true with me. When I purchased an iPhone a few years back, I felt spoilt by the Apps available. I wouldn’t consider my spending excessive, but I did buy many Apps because they appealed to me and filled a niche. On the other hand, I’ve had an Android phone for seven months and I bought my first Android App last week. I spent a £5 in total – because of currency exchange.

I go into the Android Market quite regularly, checking for updates, but nothing appeals to me like the stuff on the iPhone. I found myself spending 59p here and there quite regularly. I broke the £1 and £2 barriers on a few occasions. I had more Twitter Apps than I could reasonably make use of and took the Pro or non-advert versions. The iPhone Apps somehow made me want to fill a gap in my functionality. The iPhone covers the bases on the basics, but so many Apps offered more or angled to fill a gap I hadn’t realised needed bridging.

I can see the Android Market contains a lot of applications, but something fails to entice me. I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything nor do I feel that anything in there will do anything I haven’t already got covered by a piece of base Android functionality or a ‘free’ App. The fact that I have spent cash before to buy an App means I’m open to the sales pitch; but, I’m not feeling the Market has approached me with any enthusiasm. The news suggests I am not alone in this stance; but, I can’t really pin down what Google’s getting wrong…






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