Maelstrom Herbal Overview

Not the most exciting post for many, but I don’t care. I have compiled a ‘complete’ herbal overview for Maelstrom, and uploaded the result at I did say this would very likely not excite many people.

The herbal overview includes all the information from the original rules, broken down into a succinct and common language. So, you will find all prices in pennies and all timings in days, for example. I have also appended the short herbal expansion included in the as yet unpublished Maelstrom: Beggars’ Companion. Anything new I have shown the name in a green-tinted cell and there should be a ‘X’ in the New column at the end of the row.

For slightly extended information on, and illustrations of, the herbs you will need to refer to the original rules (or wait patiently for the release of the Beggars’ Companion).





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