A Challenge

Ever the one to chase a challenge, I’m wondering whether I have the energy to not only complete my Beggar supplement this weekend – AND complete a first draft of the Labourer overview I’ve completed half of. That and consider the possibilities of using the Human Occupied Landfill setting (HOL) with some like Fudge or (better yet) Solar System. Something adaptable and low interference so the madness of the setting can soak through.

In the meantime, I need to get some sleep – so I suspect early nights and early rising might be the best cure. I have an outing on Sunday night (in Manchester) and might go for a walk on Saturday; but, otherwise, I need to keep my nose to the grindstone and get all this writing done.

The slippage of a deadline doesn’t mean I should lose focus. It occurred to me this morning that when I had a drop dead date for completing writing, it worked well. I managed to do 700 – 1,000 words a day, fairly consistently, but now I’m back to a vague trickle of writing.

Last night someone asked to see ‘my book’ and I dutifully extracted a copy of PARANOIA: The Underplex from the bookshelf; but, I don’t want that to be the end of it. I can only expect to get more published if (a) I write more, (b) I get my name into the right hands, and (c) I write more stuff that people want to publish. Or something along those lines, anyway. Like an artist trying to get a job, I can’t do much of anything without building up a reasonable portfolio. Equally, I can’t get better and more efficient at writing without practice.





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