Another evening trying to role play. Another ‘oh-so-very-close’ affair. Met some new people. Nice people. Chatted about games and gaming for 80 minutes – then went home. Yes, we might have tried to play something, but with only four people, and the prospect of more next week, we would have been going for a VERY short one-shot. Maybe I should practice at that.

On the positive front, I took Lady Blackbird as an emergency game, and it got a mention in the ‘list of games we would like to play if we can getting our fucking act together’. Good.

It should make for an interesting mixed group of players when we finally get going – and we might even have enough people to perhaps have two games running at the same time. That’d be something special.

I’m really quite excited about this. I didn’t think I’d ever get back to regular gaming like this ever again. Well, not quite like this. What this will be when we’ve sorted out ‘our shit.’





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