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Sometimes I have quite scary thoughts. Sometimes, my brain comes up with some pretty shocking images of positivity, enthusiasm and energetic team building. However, like a rusty stop tap, something keeps stopping the flow and what comes out doesn’t impress anyone – a dribble of interest and enough energy to keep me conscious.

This morning, while getting ready for work, I had thoughts pop into my head about a engaging team activity to fathom the issues associated with a current project. I imagined asking what my response would be if the MD asked why I couldn’t go live right away, posing to the members of the gathered team that I’d want three reasons, from each of them, why they feel their daily role couldn’t support the system going live. Once I had all those thought back, walking through them one by one and writing them up on a flipchart or wipeboard, I’d then ask them to work as a team to come up with the top three reasons from the whole group.

Now, I agree – there’s nothing exciting or ground breaking about that scenario. Actually, it’s quite staid and uninspiring. However, for my mind, it would mean a lot more. I have an analytical mind that would much prefer to sit back, listen and occasionally discuss. I’m not the cheesy American motivational coach who can get up on the stage and whip people into a frenzy about the performance of the company or the latest team building venture.

I daresay, I should have written down on my personal development plan somewhere. I should think ‘exciting cutting edge development from your team’ probably needs to be something I concentrate on getting good at. I’d actually like that. I’d like the opportunity to break out and be someone I don’t feel I can be.

Maybe tomorrow…






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