Beggars – Day One

I aimed to write a lot about beggars this weekend for Maelstrom. I managed a little, but not a lot.

I started with slightly over a thousands words already written – and got up early on Saturday to get house stuff and chores out of the way. I did the same on Sunday, squeezing in vacuuming, washing up and helping with the cooking. However, in the end, I only managed to raise the word count to 3,800 – a pitiful effort in my mind.

If I consider my working velocity as 1,400 words a day, it might work. In 10 days time, I’ll have 17,800 words done – and I’m thinking that’ll hit the mark as a ‘shitty’ first draft. From there, I can stand back for a moment and consider the next step. Edit, rework – and see how some of the ideas pan out in play, perhaps. Depends on the availability of my local playtesting crew.

I know one thing – I’ve really enjoyed researching this stuff. Reading a mix of contemporary reference and recent historical retrending makes for an engaging journey.

I’ll keep you informed how my writing ‘at velocity’ progresses…






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