Beggars – Day Fifteen

If I consider my working velocity as 1,400 words a day, it might work. In 10 days time, I’ll have 17,800 words done – and I’m thinking that’ll hit the mark as a ‘shitty’ first draft.

I had high hopes two weeks ago.

Two weeks later, my velocity has slipped from a less than ideal 1,400 words a day to a feeble looking 715 words a day. Yes, I have managed to write 10,003 words (as of yesterday evening). However, I also believe I have another 10,000 words to go, which means I’m going to struggle to hit my target for getting this done by the end of December.

On the plus side, I’m impressed I got 10K done in the time I have. When I wrote ‘The Underplex’, I would have found 10K in a fortnight an absolute blessing. I suspect I would have given myself far more time to refine the final product that way, getting the initial product drafted out in a couple of months.

I’ve enjoyed researching the beggar supplement marks another positive. The bibliography ballooned for just that reason. I hope that the final product provides extra value to a would-be referee precisely because I took the time to really expand the career option of beggar. My reading also assisted in the evolution of the supplement, because it currently includes a mini-bestiary, for example, that I didn’t have planned. Also, I’m thinking the final draft will provide plenty of potential for pruning, because I’ve ventured beyond beggar territory into other aspects of the rogue career. Pruned material won’t go to waste, as I suspect I can use it all to fuel a follow-up supplement on other rogues in the future.

So, I need to tried harder and I haven’t achieved as much as I’d hoped – but, in the grand scheme of things, I’m doing pretty well.






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