Beggars – Day Eight

I gritted my teeth for much of the weekend, as despite the best of plans I failed to write a single letter for my game supplement. Of course, I didn’t waste the time either. I did a lot of family-related stuff, like helping with the Christmas Tree (hefting the box from the attic and unpacking/hanging the decorations) and attending a presentation on Saturday afternoon (for the benefit of my personal education, and entirely unavoidable). I also managed to help with the shopping in the morning, as well as chores around the house, including the clean of a hamster cage. All worthy achievements.

When I reference not writing for the supplement, I did manage to at least dip into Twitter. A dipped toe with minimal value, for sure, but at least I continue to hone my skills as decanting random thoughts into a 140-character format. You never know when this might find some value in the future. Possibly, that talent to refine a thought to fit could see use in the definition of short, punchy work documents?!

I did give the supplement some thought. The supplement needs an adventure and until Friday I didn’t have one. I had roughed out a few seeds, but my brainstorming had failed to come up with anything substantial. Friday evening, driving home, I had an epiphany. A small one, I freely admit; but, the spark had potential and I have started sketching and researching around it with the sort of enthusiasm that might suggest I’m on to something. With Christmas coming and TV looking poor, I may have the chance to concentrate on running off an ultra-shitty draft in no time at all. At the same time, I’ll continue my catalogue of atmospheric waffle and mechanical crunch.

To round off, I recommend rooting around in Google to anyone researching a topic with reference works stretching back a century or three. The Google project to scan piles of out of copyright books for access online holds considerable value to me. I’d love to have the time to lurk in substantial metropolitan libraries and musty secondhand bookstores, but the real world doesn’t work out that way. Through Google, I can find many sources of viable research material without needing to move away from my computer.






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