The Pain of Knowing Too Much

Shoulder Pain – What Causes Shoulder Pain. Yeah, I’d quite like to know what causes it, but should I be looking on the Internet for that information? Does it benefit me, or turn me into a quivering hypochondriac?

I’ve had the pain for more than a week now. I started experiencing it in the back middle of the shoulder, between the ball of the shoulder and the neck. Discomfort radiated out from the point, constantly. A few pink pain pills and the discomfort faded – and I put it down to sleeping awkwardly. However, a couple of days later, it hadn’t gone away.

I woke late last week and tried to stretch my arm out as far as I could. I rolled my shoulder back and forth, then stretched the arm again. At that moment of maximum extension, I yawned – and, suddenly, the discomfort ramped up to pain and shot down my arm and up my neck. I quickly pulled the arm in and decided a foetal position might be more in order!

As it happens, I hijacked my wife’s appointment with the osteopath. We spent 30 minutes in consultation, largely his rubbing muscle and cracking bones, and my grimacing in pain. By the end of the session, I felt about 5% better; but, I did feel a little better at least. That same day, I had a late ‘shift’ to pull for work, and spent the whole seven hours clutching my left arm with my right, trying to someone knead the discomfort out of my upper arm.

Throughout this time, I haven’t been on the Internet once to seek possible explanation. My wife would have been there in a flash, regaling me with possible diagnoses of bubonic plague or myxomatosis. She finds solace in the possible, comparing a range of symptoms with various oracles of the Internet. I feel I would simply find the information overload too much to take and more than likely I’d fail to find out anything much of use that couldn’t be gleaned from a visit to the doctor. Admittedly, the kind of random muscular pain I have wouldn’t lead to anything more than a suggested regime of rest, painkillers and Deep Heat, so why get worked up with the grim menu of possibilities from online?

No – I think I’ll stick with ignorance of the possible and simply try to nurse my shoulder back to health with light exercise and a thrice-daily dose of ibuprofen. I suspect I’m just getting old, and I don’t need the Web to tell me that…






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