Same Difference

Once a year, my house gets invaded. I understand this might be the last time it happens.

My wife likes to keep in touch with her friends. She has friends with a common interest, and they get invited round once a year for chin-wagging, story-swapping, drinks, food and fun. In this same timeframe, the kids and I normally manage to find something else to do. This year, my wife delayed in holding the event from summer to autumn – so, the weather isn’t so good and I’m loath to depart the relative warmth of home for the cold, wet streets of Manchester.

So, I’ve squirrelled myself away upstairs with my laptop, books and a copy of ‘Horehound‘ by The Dead Weather I picked up at a local charity store. I suspect I’ll have to venture down at some point for food, but it should be possible to stay fairly isolated from the chatter.

I suspect you manage to stay married for a long time by maintaining different interests and a sort of Venn diagram of friends. I know a lot of people downstairs, but many I don’t – and I’m happy that we share, and divide, our lives that way.

Anyway – I have stuff to do and now I really don’t have any excuse not to do it. I have an article on Bollywood Movies to edit, for a start. And, I also have a chapter on poverty in the Middle Ages to read. I can get started with that and then see how it goes… assuming I don’t keep getting interrupted by attention-hungry cats. And people worried that I might be getting lonely up here.





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