Xtreme Zombie Sports Bikini Special

I have serious doubts about this sort of product‘s appeal. Yes, I realise there’s a humorous slant here; but, this woman looks like she’s been dug up or defrosted. Like ‘Macho Women with Guns‘, ‘Hot Chicks‘ approaches action gaming with tongue planted firmly in cheek – so firmly, one would suspect, that to the wrong person it might look like a dirty come on attempt.

If you thumb through the catalogue of gaming products at DriveThru / RPGNow, you find a worrisome collection of softcore glamour product feature computer-generated big-breasted fantasy women with a general disregard for reasonable protective clothing. The manufacturers of these products obviously have a market, but who buys them and why? Are they purely window-dressing for gamers playing ‘Hot Chicks’ and their ilk, a possibility with supplements and miniatures, but what about calendars and some of the more dubious art books?

Possibly I’m missing something – but, seeing the ‘zombie’ chick had me worrying. I’m not going to go down the road of D&D and religion; but, if an innocent bystander chanced across this product, you could easily envisage it all going badly in the wrong hands. The all too common equation that fantasy plus woman must mean big breasts also likely won’t go down to well with those keen on equality and fair treatment of women – and I wouldn’t blame them for a moment.


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