Backswords & Bucklers

I spent some time with people on stalls chatting, either seeking answers to specific questions – like when the next supplement for Doctor Who might be expected from the folks at the Cubicle 7 stand – or more general chat. I had one such brief chat with Chris Cale at the Tied to a Kite stand, where they had Numerix – an abstract boardgame – and Backswords & Bucklers.

B&B takes a modified version of the Swords & Wizardry: WhiteBox ruleset and places the characters in a historical Elizabethan setting. You can get the whole book free online – but, Chris was selling some printed copies with coloured cover and all. I like simple gaming. I also like historical gaming – which is why I’ve been delighted having an involvement in the creation, or tweaking, of some Maelstrom materials.

As Tied to a Kite offer these games for free, I’m sure your support would be appreciated – especially if you can spare the cash to pick up a hard copy version! In an RPG environment with a lot of big players, consumer support of the smaller concerns is vital. I appreciate the energy and enthusiasm in gaming across the board, because it keeps my long time hobby going, filled with all manner of enticing goodies to fill my reading and play time.


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