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I hate the way the world works when it comes down to special features on DVDs. I mean, for the love of Bob, why does it have to be so complicated.

I mean, I heard the theme tune for Xena: Warrior-Princess the other day and got a hankering for seeing some of the series. I loved that show. Lucy Lawless as Xena – goddess. Gabriel – mini-goddess. Callisto – ah… drool central. What’s not to love about the show?

Callisto and Xena hiding behind a rock

Anyway, I visited and found the complete DVD boxed set of Xena. However, the damned thing has next to nothing in terms of special features. Whereas, if you roam over the ocean into, the Region 1 version of Xena apparently drips in Special Features.

But, it isn’t just Xena… a lot of DVDs come packed with features in the States and arrive vanilla-style in the UK. I daresay it’s down to legalities, copyright, royalties or whatever – but, why can’t the damn media organisations pull their fingers out and do something about it. They could create one edition of something, release in individual Region-specific versions and make a killing – without having the fans up in arms about what their version does or doesn’t have included with it. Surely that means they spend less money creating the product and make more money from sales, right? Or maybe I’m trying too hard to be sensible.






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