One of those Days

I have had a slow Saturday where, despite having the time to do all the things on my To Do list, I have managed, largely, to do a whole load of things I hadn’t intended to do. I haven’t been wasting time, by any measure. However, in the greater schemes of things I have erred on the side of doing low priority side-projects rather than the stuff with red flags on top.

I need to clean out one or more hamster cages, complete editing on two h2g2 articles I have had for too long, fathom some jQuery validation I need for a piece of work from my almost day job, write some simplistic documentation for someone I’ve created a blog for, and watch the Grand Prix.

Instead, I have created a new background image for my Twitter profile, created a matching background for this blog, had a walk, revived a flagging blog about my back garden, done some washing up, and watched the Grand Prix.

So, I’m not completely off target – and I’m quite proud of the image I’ve created for the backgrounds on here and Twitter… but those articles have been begging to get finished for months, as has that documentation for the blog. I think I may have to set my alarm for extra early tomorrow and get down to business before the house rises and the telly becomes a distraction. Yes, our nation may be facing economic struggle and political upheaval, but if I can’t get some basic writing tasks completed then I’m in serious trouble. That To Do list won’t sort itself out if I can’t put pen to paper and bang-out a basic set of bulleted guidelines and correct a few errant typos in an article or two.

Last week I had a conversation with someone at work and said that I could manage my time just fine. I think that’s true at the moment where I’m handling work, but home tasks… there I fall short of the ideal. I can little afford to find stress at home when I get more than my fair share from work. I need to keep my home life in order to provide some sort of foundation for greater calm.

Ohm! Ohm!

Right… a little calm sorted – now, back to that list.


Now I’ve written a blog entry instead of what I’m supposed to be doing…


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