Soft Play

Sometimes work can feel like you’re a kid in the ball pit looking out through the safety netting to the grown-ups. As you watch, you see they’re not interested in you and are having an earnest discussion about something. If you left the play area and asked, they’d probably tell you it was a chat about grown-up stuff and you should go back and play with your friends.

I’m sure it isn’t intentional, but whenever a big change occurs that is exactly how it feels. The more significant the change, the longer the earnest chat and the more time you get to spend in the netting… Despite the fact you’re ready for your Kids Meal now and all this bouncing around is making you feel a bit sick to be honest.

It’ll pass, I know; but in the meantime you’re left in a state if limbo. You don’t want to disturb the adults again and tell them you’re hungry now because they might take it the wrong way. However, you REALLY will be sick if you have to stay in the ball pit a moment longer.





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