Just Ill

I suffer from a persistent cough. Some suggest I take up smoking just to make all the coughing worthwhile. I take such comments in good humour. In fact, I have only smoked a single packet of ciggies in my life, and that was some seventeen years ago. About nine years ago I had a lung infection, which seems to have weakened my resistance. Last year I got pneumonia, which wasn’t pleasant at all!

I have been feeling a tad rough for the last couple of days with sinus pain and an upset stomach. My appetite has faded somewhat and I’m plagued by a tickle in my throat. I daresay it’s a cold to be, or some ailment without the energy to put up a proper conflict.

Last night I got a jab for flu and one for swine flu. Now, I really feel stuffed up and my shoulders feel like the worst kind of sunburn. Prickly discomfort combined with sore muscles. I realise I should have better protection now against infection, but that’s no compensation with the headache I’ve got!!





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