Not an Inkling

We have travelled to Oxford for the first stage of our short holiday. We have travelled for 3 hours from the north-west. I’d love to say it was without incident – except it wasn’t. At the head of the M5, a Mitsubishi Warrior threw up a piece of gravel the size of a Malteser and put a chip in my windscreen the size of a match head. I have owned a car for 11 years and never had anything more than minor chips. I got a car two days ago, and… well. That has really pissed me off.

So, we reached Oxford in the end and took the Park and Ride into town. We’re staying at Keble Bollege (you have ro know your Python to understand that one) and have has a quick wander into the centre (though we’ll do our exploring tomorrow). Now, we’re having dinner at The Eagle and Child – pretty much in the spot where the Inklings met. I may be sitting where Tolkien sat, or C S Lewis. Who knows?! Rather neat, huh?

I can manage without any more damage to my car though!





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  1. Graham Bottley Avatar
    Graham Bottley

    Hi Paul, I live just outside Oxford, and am there all the time with work! I was at Keble a couple of weeks ago with a conference. Enjoy your stay, looks like the weather will be good for a bit.

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