Bank Holiday Weekend Damnation

Having off the move to the new server for a fortnight, I finally realised that delaying any longer was likely to be a risk. I’m maintaining the old and new solution at the moment, so if I don’t make haste and get the work done, I pay double for longer. Not a good idea. So, instead of sitting in Bank Holiday traffic or arguing with the rest of the family, I’m sat at the computer watching files up/download and trying to figure out whether I’m setting everything up right.

Suffice to say, I’m glad this isn’t a totally dedicated server I’m setting up from scratch here, or else I’d be in real trouble. Handling this virtual server with most of the foundation work in place is frankly enough of a learning curve for me. Teachers not only fail to tell you much about real life in school, they also didn’t cover name servers, control panels, and the intricacies of selecting efficient FTP solutions. Damn them and their algebra. What good is that to me now, huh?

So, it’s past midnight, Bank Holiday, and I’m around halfway through this onerous task. I imagine that tomorrow should provide enough time to do the remainder of the work, but that doesn’t really console me. I’ve still lost the long weekend. Yes, I did watch ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ (enjoyable background noise) and the first season of ‘Look Around You’ (Thanks ants! Thants!); but, that hardly compensates me for the lost time.

Now, I’m watching a spider scuttling across the living room carpet. I bet he had a good Bank Holiday weekend. Probably gorged on little insects having had a solid afternoon of productive web spinning. Lucky bastard.





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