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I have been struggling to find a Twitter client I really like for the Mac. For the iPhone, Tweetie seems like a decent choice, but it isn’t free. I rather had my heart set on finding something free I could use on the laptop.

So far, I’ve tried Beak – which looks good, Twhirl – which doesn’t, Canary – which is a bit on the simplistic side, and now Syrinx. While the lattermost doesn’t have the trending information accessible that I’d like, it does have a fair amount of functionality built right in – including the ability to block people from the interface rather than needing to sign on to Twitter directly. I only downloaded it an hour ago, so I’ll see how it pans out.

I suppose, if push comes to shove and I can’t find the features I need in a free client, I may have to spend more money to make for a comfortable and fully featured Tweeting experience. I’ll give the Mac version of Tweetie a go in it’s ad-supported version and see how that pans out. May spending $19.95 will be worthwhile.





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