Flaming Hell

The new companion to tag along with Matt Smith has been announced, flamed haired Scot Karen Gillan – who, rather like Martha, previously had a bit part in the series as the Soothsayer in the episode ‘The Fires of Pompeii’.

Having read in the new issue of SFX this morning that most fans likely couldn’t tolerate another bewildered Londoner has a companion, one can only hope they allow Karen to retain some vestige of her true accent, rather than requiring her to pull a Tennant.

I think, considering Gwen in Torchwood has a Welsh accent, we’re ready for something regional in Doctor Who. Why should the spin-off dominate in the funny voice stakes (what with Barrowman’s American, as well as Gwen’s Welsh).

Depending on how they kit her out, Karen certainly looks like she can fill the sexiness requirement for the role – though at just 16, perhaps I shouldn’t be making comments like that! Given the age of the Doctor and his companion, I just hope the whole series doesn’t suddenly go all Dawson’s Creek on us… This is family entertainment, not a channel for teenage angst and sudden mood swings.






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