Exchange Rate

I think it’s great that people don’t change. Time passes, and yet people basically do the same stuff again and again. Sometimes, perceived wisdom fails to communicate across the expanses of one generation to the next.

My youngest son just came back from a French exchange trip. He took about 75€ with him and returned with 5€. What did all that money go on? Well, 10€ vanished buying a breakfast on the way out… but, the rest of the funds seem to have vanished on the same rubbish we all seem to return with from school trips. Sweets, for a start. Oh, and a little music box that plays the theme from ‘The Pink Panther’. Inspector Clouseau was, afterall, a typical French man, right?

Money sorts of evaporates on school trips. I recall buying a German version of a boardgame on my own, an item that, at best, received only cursory glances on my return to the UK. If only had been around 20 years ago, then I doubtlessly could have had immediate access to an English translation of the rules.

Perhaps adults – specifically parents – need to consider a little more carefully the wisdom they pass on to the next generation. I know you can’t guarantee that they’ll listen, but at least you will have made an effort!






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