Despite years of training and a wealth of on the job experience, there is only so much a doctor can tell you if you turn up with a sore head. The brain doesn’t feel pain – all nerve receptors and no endings, or something like that – so a sore head means something else is wrong.

I have had a headache since last Tuesday. My head contains a dull pulse of discomfort, crowning my skull like earmuffs of pain. The ache extends from temple to temple, and at irregular intervals the pain expands outwards. To make my day really interesting, my aching has a friend. There’s a disorientation, a fizziness of the thoughts and perception. On Tuesday when I felt unwell initially, that fuzziness made me delay the hour long commute home from work. Fuzzy vision and motorway driving probably don’t mix.

So, having visited the doctor today I have been reassured there is nothing seriously wrong. However, the best suggestions were non-specific muscular or stress-related problems. Take an ibruprofen and get some rest. If it doesn’t get better in a week, come back. Here’s hoping.





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