Doctor Who Role Playing Game

When the Cubicle 7 web site goes from mentioning Dr Who to not mentioning at all – not on the front page nor the Our Games – one must assume some ‘complications’ have arisen. As the site is down for ‘Spring cleaning’ it’s tough to get a real grip on what be happening – but the department responsible for licensing concepts at the BBC never seems to work particularly quickly. The lawyers linger in that area, and they’re all about mind-boggling processes and delays.

I hope I’m grasping at the wrong straws here and that the game’s release schedule has not slipped to somewhere in the distant future (as opposed to Summer 2009, which was the last update).

Update: Poking around other people have noticed the downtime (given that it started more than three weeks ago) and there have been posts from Cubicle 7 associated individuals to indicate all is well.

However, having a site/forum/development blog closed down for so long can’t be good for a business – especially if people come looking and they don’t hang out at places like






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