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I can’t believe the number of people I saw on the way home today using mobiles while driving. Or, in one instance, an idiot trying to get into his car, parked on the kerb of a main road, trying to open the door and get into the driver’s seat while clutching a phone to his ear. Why?

I struggle to understand why our life has become so immediate that we need to engage in conversation right now. There is no room for pause; and, so little prospect of ‘could you ring me back later’. Answer now or answer never seems to be the mantra.

Yesterday, I saw a f*ckwit in a open topped sportscar, with a friend in the passenger seat, trying to negotiate a busy T-junction while holding a mobile conversation. Why endanger his friend or the lives of the other people on the road for a chat he could have had while parked just 10 seconds earlier? Even if he does have the most important and high powered job in the world, doesn’t it warrant his full concentration for just five minutes? Five motionless minutes…





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  1. johnny Avatar

    What about bluetooth?

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