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Once upon a time, possibly in or around 2004, I set up a site relating to my efforts in the world of web design. I have always swayed towards simple web design, because I grasp HTML and CSS fine, but have never used any of the fancy tools. I even use Notepad for my coding, never venturing to use FrontPage or Dreamweaver until recent pressures have demanded I become familiar with them. I use a little JavaScript, have dabbled in PHP, Perl and XML. I can set up a database and retrieve information from it, creating dynamic content. I can handle Server Side Includes and Webbots to insert content from one place into another, and even recently had a poke around with AJAX and ASP. I can manage just fine, knowing enough, but certainly not so much as to make me an expert in anything.

So, Back to Basics Web came about – and with the assistance of co-coder and marketeer Richard we put together web sites for Meeker Aviation and Apical. You can see a few samples of the work we’ve done, and that I’ve done since, on the Back to Basics Web site. I intend to continue with my web work on a restrained and moderate level – it can be tough channelling creatives juices in multiple directions at the same time. When I work on an advance with a focussed project scope, I need to be certain that I deliver.

Back to Basics Web uses the _base_ theme for WordPress, which I intend to customise for the time being… A simple base, for a simple web site, offering a simple service – until I have a moment to create a theme from scratch myself!






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