Which Watchman?

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan at The Losers film p...
Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan at The Losers film panel at WonderCon 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK… fanboy excitement keeps me roaming around for tidbits about the Watchmen movie, so when I spotted a few new promo pics on the front of IMDB.com, I had to go check. So, there I find several fine images of the characters… and a bewildered picture masquerading as Dave Gibbons.

This page features an image of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Definitely not Dave Gibbons. I know Dave.

I can understand you might get confused. However, I don’t imagine Dave would be the sort of guy likely to pull off the role of The Comedian.

See, this is Dave Gibbons. In the flesh. I know… I have met him on several occasions (and have fine pictures of Dr Manhattan, Rorschach and The Comedian – as it happens – in my copy of the graphic novel):

Artist Dave Gibbons and a Beanie Baby monkey called Ted

And here he is with slightly less hair (if you had a copy of the ‘Watchmen’ from 20 years ago, you’d see a Dave Gibbons with a LOT of hair):

In Hindsight: Now that I have seen The Watchmen movie, I can look back on this and hang my head… a little. I mean, the movie was OK. It wasn’t awful. I mean, I enjoyed it well enough. I enjoyed it because the fanboy in me wouldn’t have it any other way. However, it wasn’t necessarily the movie we’d all been waiting for. That problem lies with the Hollywood suits and you can, yet again, understand why Alan Moore has such a negative attitude toward the whole movie thing. They never seem to get it quite right…

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