Having spent the last several years visiting the coast and the dune bordered beauty of Formby, we were disappointed that the poor Red Squirrels have suffered a blow from a pox. The virus leaves them unable to eat, basically, leaving them open to starvation, too weak to protect themselves from predators like foxes. There’s no clear evidence where the pox comes from, but it doesn’t help the Reds in their fights against the environment, other wildlife, and especially the burgeoning masses of the Greys.

Still, the weather held out for us, by and large, and we spent a while constructing sand castles down on the beach. The Irish Sea didn’t look inviting enough for a swim; I especially found the brown froth rolling up on the beach a complete turn off. When I last recall wading in the cold sea water, brown froth didn’t threaten to stain my pale and goose-pimple pricked calves.

Anyway… here’s a picture – and some of the music I enjoyed while driving out there…

A cold blue sky day over Formby with a surprising gathering of people

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