A-Level A-Con

Seriously. I could not believe the results today. A-Levels better than last year, for the 325th year in a row (or something like that). I mean, what rot. Anyway, thinking this is ridiculous, the guy on the radio explains that while the A-Levels may not have become easier and the students may not have become cleverer, one reason why they do so well is that there is currently no limit on how many times you can retake your A-Level. Up to 2000 (maybe 2001), you could only retake once; but, now you can retake them again and again. One student said it was quite possible to go from a fail to an A Grade through retakes.

I mean, that’s like when I took my driving test. I passed, as many other people have done. However, it took me three attempts to make it. Now, I may not be better or worse than the next man, but I did have a certain advantage in getting to try, try, try again. If it had to be first time or nothing, I would now be relying on public transport. If I had tried ten times, I might well have avoided several early accidents and dinks suffered.

Repeat attempts just don’t seem fair in some circumstances. I got a B, D, and an E Grade at A-level. Now, I might well have got A, C and a D with retakes… heck, I might have managed to swing three A Grade A-levels and got that place in Durham I was so keen on.

So, having grumbled about the nonsense of grades in the last fews years, I now can’t be bothered with it. I took a completely different A-level to the exam they run today – and when it comes down to it, I’m not going to use my exams to prove anything if I apply for another job.

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