Partners in Crime: First Glance

So, having taken a holiday from writing anything at all… I’m going to do the lot in one go. Right…

Partners in Crime‘ – I have no trouble with. Thing is, while people rate it down scale from ‘Smith and Jones‘, I didn’t find the Judoon slash vampire granny episode any more compelling than ‘New Earth‘… and none of them (in spite of plastic Mickey) compares to the raw thrills and excitement of ‘Rose‘. Yes, flat blobs from another planet would have worked equally as well (if not better) in the ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’, but they provided a relatively safe basis for some good humour, an over-confident villain, and a meeting of Time Lord and companion.

The silent window conversation worked brilliantly and Catherine Tate proved she could (just about) play a semi-serious role without wailing and gurning every three seconds.

In hindsight, you might agree with the principle of starting the series on such a light hearted note, given the steady descent into darker (shadowier) realms since.

As a Yorkshireman once said: ‘Aye, very passable, that, very passable…’.






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