Over-Competitive Mentor

I have spent the last few months progressing with the paintwork on a Necron army (for Warhammer 40K). The army is my sons; but, I have been painting miniatures for a looooong time, so I wanted to take the opportunity to pass on some knowledge. So, I had set him to filing and gluing duties on the plastic Necron Warriors, for example; and he assisted with the black undercoating, the Boltgun armour base, and various bits of drybrushing, too. I did a lot of the detail work, guiding him through what I was doing as I did it.

We have painted Necron Warriors, Necron Drones, Necron Wraith, and a Necron Lord with resurrection orb. And now, we have Flayed Ones to contend with.

I want to make this part of the learning experience, but it looks like they might prove a learning experience for me as much as anything. Flayed Ones are Necron who have draped themselves in the skins of their enemies. Wearing the skins, they infiltrate the enemy lines before the disguise shreds, revealing them for the menace they really are. They have gigantic claws that make them overwhelming melee units.

As metal miniatures, gluing the claws in place took a bit of effort and a dollop or three of Super Glue. My son helped with the base painting, but now I’m faced with a fiendish paint job that may prove really difficult to work through as a mentoring case. I want to pass the skills on, but I also want these Necrons to look great… so, I need to disengage my perfectionism somehow and allow one (or more) of the models to become training models. I’m not convinced I have the strength to give them up that easily… Over-competitive Dad mentality or something, I think.


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