Storm Front: The Dresden Files

Sometimes I manage to finish reading a book (rather than meandering off on to something else half way through), and I should finish ‘Storm Front‘, the first of the Dresden Files, in the next day (exhaustion permitting).

I like Jim Butcher’s writing and I allowed my imagination to connect names with faces from the TV series (because, by and large, I liked the show). The premise and events were familiar – as this was the pilot show, though TV execs saw fit to schedule it in as the third episode instead. The book allows for a little more hardboiled detective narrative and supernatural encounters… I can’t recall whether the toad-faced demon or the fairy appeared on TV.

Harry Dresden, consultant on matters magical for the Chicago police department, has to solve a grisly murder commited with black magic. Alas, suspicion falls on Harry as his powers could easily stretch to the act and no other suspects are obvious. Morgan, an enforcer for the White Council of wizards, has Harry’s head in his sights for the crime – and the only out is to discover who really did it.

Recommended for those who tire of the ordinary murder mystery/detective series. A light, enjoyable read that kept me turning the pages – with just the right chapter length for my tired eyes just before bedtime. Nothing worse than a book with extremely long chapters or no segmentation at all… I like a natural break in my reading sessions.


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