Some Kind of Heresy

In an action that seems to beggar belief, Games Workshop has decided to stop game related publications by the Black Library – meaning an end to Talisman and Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Dark Heresy, amongst others. In an announcement dated 28th January, the fate of these lines was sealed – with a decision to concentrate solely on novels instead. Just three days earlier, ‘Dark Heresy’ saw release through the likes of Amazon, and sold out immediately. So, you can understand the fundamental logic behind the decision.

Talisman only just came out last year after a lengthy absence where the eBay market flourished. You could sell a complete set of Talisman, supplements and all, for £700+, with the basic game 1st edition game going for £30+, with the 2nd or 3rd edition going for more. To have waited this long to have it pulled again…

It feels like a short term decision, taken based solely on current trends and profits. I have more thoughts on this that I’d like to back up with some evidence from a similar decision made a while back – that invariably proved short-sighted as well – but I don’t have it to hand. I’ll update when I have it with me…






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