Recipe for a Letdown

Why is it that one days when I decide not to bring a packed lunch to work the prepared dinners prove to look as unappetizing as possible? Or fail to be what you recalled seeing on the menu earlier in the week. I mean, I didn’t bring a lunch in today and recalled seeing roast beef or some kind of meat ball dish on the menu. The beef didn’t materialise and the meat ball meal came in at £2 without much in the way of supporting side dish – savoury rice that has sat under a heat lamp for an hour… Hmm… Now, let me think whether I fancy one scoop or two!

So, I end up eating crisps instead – admittedly cheaper, but far from the filling, warming meal I had hoped for. Maybe I should lower my expectations or go out somewhere for something to eat? Then I might not end up so damned hungry and disappointed.





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