Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: First Glance

I believe ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang‘ succeeded as a “Previously on…” catch-up episode far better than many I have seen over the years. Approaching Torchwood on the basis that you might never have seen it before, it provided an episode length run down of the team members, their roles, their background, their relationships, and the relative flexibility of their sexuality.

James Marsters – as Captain John – acted a fine part as old friend, associate and lover to Captain Jack, proving – it would seem – that the 51st Century Time Agency had a tendency towards profit, heroic and self-indulgence. Compared to the Time Lords, being a Time Agents apparently meant a non-stop party, laced with drugs, booze, sex and extremes of violence.

Everyone turned in a fine performance, with characters falling quickly back into place… though Owen seemed a little subdued. I guess losing your soul mate to a rift in space/time, trying to commit suicide and murdering your boss can have a sobering effect on a person! I’m certain thw stories will reveal more of where Owen and Toshiko are going – a relationship probably cooked up because she’s the only one left in the Hub who Owen hasn’t had a sexual relationship with yet (providing you exclude the pterodactyl).

Captain John hijacking the night club and then ‘play fighting’ with Captain Jack proved the most entertaining bit; while the McGuffin used to conclude the story didn’t really drive hard to suspend disbelief in the viewer (I doubt you can conjure up a DNA cocktail like that in a matter of minutes and hope to do anything but kill the person you inject it into…).

Anyway… an excellent start to the new series and I’m looking forward to the rest. Lets keep the standard high this year, okay Chris?






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