I’m struck by a dichotomy of purpose in the mornings… and I really have to get it sorted. On the one hand, I like to get up in the morning, have breakfast, drink some coffee, check messages – that sort of thing. Well, I actually don’t like the getting up part much, especially as my first alarm goes off at 5.55am. And the second goes off at 6.10am. I get up eventually, but that depends entirely on the mood of me – my body will either like the idea of an early start or it won’t. Anyway, I like to have the time to wake up basically – which is why I spend time doing things like feeding the cats, checking the hamster and making sure the last bits of the washing.

On the other hand, I need to set out for work at 7.30am to get there for 8.30am in good time. It should take me 45 – 50 minutes to commute on a good day, with fair traffic and a prevailing wind from the north-west. The last first and the last few miles are the worst. I get the pleasure of sitting in car park style traffic for a good ten or fifteen minutes at one end or the other. It makes me want to go back to bed, snuggle up in the blankets and go back to sleep again. Maybe that’s the problem – the prospect of what I have to do makes it harder for me to get up and do it, making me late and complicating the journey further.

What am I to do?

…especially when I read that the body has a bunch of clocks that don’t necessarily all reset themselves at the same time when we jump forward or fall back an hour. Could be down to my adrenal gland releasing my dose of stress hormone cortisol too late in the morning…






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