Razor Played

I wish the world of entertainment and legality didn’t make teasers and sneak previews so hard to watch most of the time. I’m excited about Battlestar and the prequel movie Razor, so when I noticed a sneak peek at the pre-Razor story about Adama, I clicked on through for a look. I sat through trash advertising to get the message that I couldn’t access the content in the teaser in my country… Damn. So, I trundle over to You-Tube instead and watch it there instead… No less entertaining to watch, completely lacking in stupid adverts and, no doubt, entirely against some legal code somewhere. However, I got to see it in the end – and reasonable well worth it it was too…

Adama, in the midst of the First Cylon War, engages the enemy over an ice planet with no apparent value to the toaster-headed menace. What are they up to and why defend it so hard? I’m sure any fan can take a wild guess… I thoroughly recommend skipping Part 1 and probably Part 2… Part 3 starts the really good material in a pitched battle over the ice planet – and Part 4 definitely offers the best fan material, as Adama gets to battle a classic Cylon Warrior in some fancy hand-to-hand combat!






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