Last of the Time Lords: In Passing

Key points:

  1. The Master didn’t need to die. How ‘Batman’ do you want to get, killing off key characters just because the story needs to end. Yes, RTD pulled a Ming the Merciless-style ending, so we do have a stab at return for the wayward Time Lord, but…
  2. Martha gone for a little while, and joining Torchwood for three episodes. Neat.
  3. Toclafane humanity from the future! I would have survived with a Dalek return, in truth… or some twisted return for the Time Lords. I think the floating monsters got seriously wasted in the story as is.
  4. John Simm played a fine Master in the end and deserves better treatment.
  5. I can envisage John Barrowman reading through the three parter and then querying why he never seems to get the opportunity to strip down to his underwear at least. ‘Only topless, Russell? Are you sure?’
  6. So, why did The Master emulate the Doctor in the second episode, with the jelly babies and the red-lined cloak?
  7. And, what really were those drums about? Pure and simple insanity seems like such a waste.
  8. RTD better have a good explanation for the ‘Titanic’ crashing into the TARDIS, given that the interior and exterior of the time machine represent disassociated constructs of Gallifreyan multi-dimensional mathematics. You can have something crash in the outside, but it will not come through the inside as a result.
  9. Kylie Minogue will appear in the Christmas episode of Doctor Who. Two presents for the price of one. Yay!






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