Greeks Bearing Gifts: First Glance

Another good episode in the run, seeing Tosh come out of her shell a little bit more.

While I have no qualms about different aspects of sexuality, I’m getting a little worried that Torchwood makes it seem like 75% of the population of Wales (or specifically Cardiff) are either bi- or homosexual. Here Mary and Tosh go at it hammer-and-tongs without much resistance on the side of the latter. Does Jack leak some kind of weird alien hormone that turns everyone close to him into raving omnisexuals?

Anyway… there was something almost Gelf like about Mary and the special effects were excellent. It was interesting to see Tosh’s reactions to her new found telepathy and seeing the reactions when it failed to work on Jack.

On the weak side, it was another episode that left you wondering why the main character stays. Tosh knows what her friends think about her now – and it wasn’t very positive. Like Ianto and his Cyberwoman… why stay? Why tolerate Torchwood and the people who work there? Unless they know there is no escape?






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