The Girl in the Fireplace: First Glance

The newest episode has just finished – and Steven Moffat (writer), Russell T and crew have created another great story. What connection could there be between a damaged space station in the 51st century and Madame de Pompadour in 18th century France? Well, this episode covers all the pertinent details, with some fantastic clockwork robots – all glass skin and spinning golden cogs. Fantastic stuff – with a fascinating story, a marvellous twist, The Doctor having a long snog with the leading guest actress – Sophia Myles – and some fine moments relating to companionship, that somehow fits so well with the last episode and the fate of Sarah Jane Smith.

Whatever the arc of this series really is – we certainly seem to have a thread in the meaning of knowing The Doctor and how it impacts those who come in contact with him, or who are left behind. I’m intrigued in what has yet to come… but might get momentarily distracted by the two episode Cybermen story hitting us from next week!






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