Tooth and Claw: First Glance

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Tooth and Claw‘ at the weekend – even though a time disfunction (i.e. my kitchen clock running slow) led to my missing the first 10 minutes or so of the episode. Luckily, the story proved simple enough to pick up. I could ascertain something was amiss in the house without seeing the monks initial attack and imprisonment of the staff and the lord’s wife.

Bad timing aside, I enjoyed the story, the CGI effects, the Doctor’s ‘real’ accent, Rose’s desperate efforts to get Queen Victoria to utter her classic line concerning not being amused and the revelations at the end of the episode. It all added up to a brilliant story – and I have to say (having watched Underworld last night) that the BBC really excelled in rendering the wolf at the heart of the story.

Brilliant – and, at times, actually pretty hide-behind-the-sofa scary.






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