The Path Least Travelled

How do people make significant career changes? I don’t seem to have enough of an idea how to do it and I think it might well be holding me back.

To my mind, change from one career to a completely different one must mean taking a hit on pay or working conditions. Taking one role in some remote location or a swinging pay-cut might explain why people would take a chance on you despite a lack of the full breadth of skills necessary for a role.

Or, does it come down to personality and a ‘just do it’ attitude? Maybe a gift for bluffing long enough to get your legs under the table? I don’t know. Maybe I should read a book or something?!

It seems like at school you make a choice, and then at university or in apprenticeship you make another, and with each passing year and each moment of experience in a specific role, you build walls and burn bridges. Perhaps certain roles have enough generic skills to mean that you can make a leap without suffering too many negative consequences. I suppose I could well have the skills to make a change, but simply lack the balls or wherewithall to do anything about it.

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