The Incident

Seriously… Lost is either an act of pure insanity or utter genius. However, I may not be in the position to make a final decision until this time next year.

Almost as expected, watching the finale ended with cries of anguish as the screen went white and the logo appeared. I daresay we ended with yet more unanswered questions… Like who the survivors of the most recent plane really are, what Richard is, and why was Jacob ‘tagging’ people to come to the island. Also, what is so special about Hurley, who only seemed to get tagged to get him to return to the island?

Lock acquires a new layer of sinister significance, too – like he wasn’t a puzzle within a puzzle already! Is he some aspect of the island now – like Christian and Clare have become? Or is he just some weird vessel of that guy trapped on the island with Jacob in the past – and what exactly is the loophole he found?

Is (was) Jacob the Devil?





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