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6 Roleplaying Games You Should Try – RPGaDay 2022

The question was: Roll 1d8+1, and tag that many friends and suggest a new RPG to try. But, I hate being tagged or intrusively engaging people in social media activities, so instead: Suggest 1d8+1 RPGs to try, it is. I rolled a 5, so I will be suggesting 6 RPGs. I’m not saying that they’re…
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August 14, 2022 0


I have spent time over the last couple of days reading Savage Worlds. Specifically, the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition. Now, very much on the positive side, I love a game that you can pick up for next to nothing. Yes, I know… You can find a lot of PDF games and supplements available on…
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January 17, 2015 0