Reasonable Resolution

The new year swings around and I had a wee dram o’ whiskey, so no need to worry about a hangover or anything this morning. Mind, a week off work has gone me out of my routine, which likely won’t make this week any easier.

I’m relieved I managed to meet my deadline of a draft of my Maelstrom supplement for the end of the year. I sort of cheated, by sketching some of the content with the intention of filling in the detail later; but, I can forgive myself for a couple of shortcuts here and there. I managed, between 4th December and New Year’s Eve, to write just over 23,000 words. That means about 821 words a day. I’d like to think I can tease this closer to 1,000 in future – average writing velocity, to allow for the likely catch-up over weekends. Balancing a job, housework, family duties and writing 1,000 words a day – I daresay I can manage that as my one and only resolution for the year. Having a single resolution to work towards seems like the best possible idea. And, given I’m writing right now, I’m managing to work toward my first 1,000 already!

While not a resolution, I also intend to keep to last year’s new habit of reading more. I managed to read about a dozen books last year, of various genre and pedigree, and I’m happy with that. I’m reasonably certain I have previously discussed that I’m not the fastest reader in the world by any measure, so doing a book a month works fine for me. That included ‘Flash Forward‘ (in less than a week), a couple of history texts, a Doctor Who story, ‘Calcium Made Interesting‘ (a biography), and a Stoppard play (‘Arcadia‘). I reckon I have the variety angle covered. And I haven’t included all the research reading I’ve done for the Maelstrom supplement.

Current Reading:The Death of Grass‘, John Christopher; ‘White Chappell, Scarlet Tracing‘, Iain Sinclair


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