Limitless or Not So Much

limitless-02Limitless, the TV series, takes place four years after the events of Limitless, the movie, with a guest appearance by Bradley Cooper, who also have a role as Executive Producer. I watched the first three episodes this weekend and the key question for me has to be: “What is the US fascination with police procedural drama?”

Yes. Another one.

As if a CSI and NCIS for each and every major city in America wasn’t enough.

I get the need to hook Limitless into something, but does it need to be just another version of Elementary – genius helps solve impossible crimes with his stunning intellect. The twist, he only has the stunning intellect half the time and has to come to terms with being a dull-witted but kind-hearted soul the rest of time.

Will limitless take the route of Shield, The Black List and Fringe, going off on a tangent in Season 2 that seems at odds with the beginning. Fringe felt like The X-Files warmed up for the first half of Season 1 but certainly didn’t end that way. The Black List has gone from a programme about a list in the head of the FBI’s Number One criminal to something else completed with a layered conspiracy and multiple factions. Agents of Shield seems to have to re-write what it’s all about as the Marvel Universe progresses around it.

Can – and will – Limitless do the same?

I have the horrible feeling the answer is no.

(It doesn’t bode well either that Wikipedia describes the Limitless TV series as a dramedy. I can see what they did there, but I don’t like it.)






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