Like A Hole in the Head

I’ve become intrigued by the web of the Internet, the interrelationship between sites and pages forming organically over time. I have been spending time trying to iron out some loopholes and gaps in my site content of late, because people have linked to stuff from here in the past that I have then lost or forgotten.

I, for example, didn’t realise that a good dozen sites linked to my short article on trepanning – once on the site and now restored. I’d hate to be the one stopping you from learning a little more about the practice of drilling holes in your own skull out of personal choice.

I have also restored a short piece I wrote after the death of Douglas Adams, who I also commemorate in some measure with my fan site, and one on Random Acts of Kindness. I’ve been impressed by even a small web of links into my site, from small personal blogs to more widely read sites like The Register. For a time, I fear, I may have been the simplest guide to exactly what trepanning was, who did it and why. Scary!


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