Defiantly Going to Bed

Just watched Defiance. The Jews suffered incredibly in their efforts to survive – I’m thankful not to have been around during that dark time. As a retelling of a true story, it made harrowing viewing. My wife seemed stunned that it was based on true events. I’m stunned that we live in a society that stones fire engine crews and rapes old women… the lessons of intolerance from events such as a the Second World War seem to have fallen on deaf ears and ignorant minds.

Despite the fact Slumdog Millionaire has an uplifting conclusion, I don’t think I could stomach two movies with such a weight of woe in one evening. My fragile personality already sits on a grey and depressing precipice at the moment.

I’ll record ‘Slumdog’ and watch it later in the week or something. Instead, I shall retire and get some much needed rest. I have a copy of Arcadia waiting for me to finish it. My wife considers reading plays before bedtime a little odd, but I have to read it somewhere and somehow the lavatory doesn’t seem to be appropriate. Are there certain works unsuitable for toilet reading? Do some books warrant more respect? Or more refinement, at least?






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