Damned Snow

Having breathed a sigh of relief in my last post that Manchester didn’t get the snow reported at the time, I can say we did get a bit on Tuesday. I know, because the first footstep I took outside met with a surface like glass, and I ended up crashing to the floor, twisting my ankle and doing something painful to my big toe. I now hobble around the house looking mournful and pathetic, unable to do much other than potter. I can carry on doing work, so I’m not a complete loss to society.

I think, as I fell, I had it in mind to concentrate on using my ass to cushion me, because a work associate did something seriously painful to her elbow last year falling with arms outstretched. When I informed a friend of my predicament, he exclaimed – “Isn’t that something old people do?”. Oh yeah… I feel the healing waves of compassion and concern washing over me.

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