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Fool Me Once

From Fox News Sunday, 10th February: WALLACE: So, why do you think [Barack Obama has] gotten this far if people don’t know what he stands for? BUSH: You’re the pundit. I’m just a simple president. You couldn’t summarise Bush a great deal better than that…

February 12, 2008 0

Compare and Contrast: 2

Suicide bombs. Unrest in Chad. Public sector pay cuts. And Holly Willoughby’s cleavage. I had to raise them again, because another tabloid did yesterday, with another front page picture and a claimed plethora of complaints. To be honest, Holly wore a nice dress with dropped frontage, but nothing eye-watering… nothing like Jodie Marsh’s number from…
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February 5, 2008 0

Compare and Contrast

I was less than shocked to discover today that The Mirror has managed to stretch out Holly’s cleavage to a further day of discussion with a 2-page article discussing the right and wrong amount to show in public. Obviously just a chance to show a dozen or more pictures of celebrities in flesh revealing dresses,…
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January 30, 2008 0

Chicken Done?

Watched “Hugh’s Chicken Run” last night (the first of three programmes about organically reared poultry versus the intensively farmed variety) and I fear I may never eat supermarket chicken again. I know when I eat meat I eat something that lived and breathed not too long ago, but how that animal lived and died matter…
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January 8, 2008 0


I watched part of the documentary on the Bulgarian care home in Mogilino. I was shocked. I could hardly bring myself to look at the screen, watching children – malnourished and wretched – rocking silently. The scene of small boys left to sit on potties all day, because it’s easier that way. A boy, blind…
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November 19, 2007 0

Razor Played

I wish the world of entertainment and legality didn’t make teasers and sneak previews so hard to watch most of the time. I’m excited about Battlestar and the prequel movie Razor, so when I noticed a sneak peek at the pre-Razor story about Adama, I clicked on through for a look. I sat through trash…
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November 11, 2007 0