Weapon of Choice


Going through a period of pencil use at the moment.

At work I cycle through favoured scribing implements on a regular basis. Maybe fortnightly, or at the very most monthly, I will find something new to write with.

I’m not sure what triggers the transition to a new implement, but it always comes around in the end.

I have an orange Uni-ball Eye fine, a Rotring Tikky 3 in 1, a Pilot G-Tec-C4 and a Bic 537R – all topmost in the drawer due to recent, and regular, use.

Right now – it’s a complementary pencil I picked up a UK Games Expo 2011, I think, from the Warrior Elite stall. Black pencil with black ‘wood’. I sharpen it with my trusty pen knife.

Right now, I’m really rather happy with it. I guess it must be a HB, but it retains a point for long enough to see me through 2-hours meetings or seriously thinking sessions. I have a Herlitz Year Planner / Blotter on my desk – A2 size – covered with scribblings and notes. That’s how I work.

What’s your personal preference at the moment?

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